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Posted By: dick greenhaus
28-Jan-05 - 08:35 PM
Thread Name: What is wrong with being a purist?
Subject: RE: What is wrong with being a purist?
Let's be realistic.

"Folk" is not a judgement of quality. And liking something isn't enough to warrant the label of "Folk"; contrariwise, if you like Rock, and you like a Jean Ritchie ballad, it doesn'y make that ballad Rock. Yhere's good folk music and lousy folk music and every shade in between. Just like any other genre.

Recognizing that I have limited time and limited funds, when I buy a CD or go to a sing or concert, I like to know what I'm letting myself in for. I would feel just as cheated if I attend a baroque music concert and found myself listening to Dylan as if I went to a folk music concert and they played Buxtehude.

The net result is damaging to lesser-known singers. I just won't take the time to attend one of, say, Joseph Blow's concerts or buy one of his CDs unless I have some idea of what I'm letting myself in for.

I like my jazz to be jazz; my Broadway show tunes to be show tunes and my folk music to fit at least some stated definition of "folk". If that makes me a purist, so be it.

And to hell with your singing horses.