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Posted By: Flash Company
29-Jan-05 - 10:57 AM
Thread Name: What is wrong with being a purist?
Subject: RE: What is wrong with being a purist?
My, what a lot of words in so little time!
I don't sing now for reasons medical rather than artistic, although I suspect that some might say that what I used to do had nothing to do with art!
When I did, what came out was rather as my fancy took me, so it could be 'Four Loom Weaver', Johnny I Hardly Knew You', 'The Outboard Motor Men', 'The Prune Song' or 'Hard Luck Stories'.
I sang unaccompanied, and OK that made for difficulties with some things, but what the hell, live dangerously.
My attitude to music is simple, either I like it or I don't, so it can be folk, jazz, classical, pop, rock or whatever, if it hits the right button, great. If it doesn't, I'll go and do something else for a while (Like post to Mudcat).
The important thing is the music, and as long as we all care, that will continue. If we stop caring about it, arguing about it, it will fade away and be replaced by mindless muzak.
Keep up the good fight!