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Posted By: M.Ted
01-Feb-05 - 05:50 PM
Thread Name: Basic Music Theory Question
Subject: RE: Basic Music Theory Question
You can make a simple chord transposer by writing out the notes in the scale you are in; then writing the notes in the key you want to be in under that--(someone mentioned this above, I think)--

G A B   C D E F# G
C D E   F G A   B   C

All of the extras, like minor, or 13b9b5, will stay the same--

Often, especially when you play in a pick-up band, you will have to transpose a song on the spot--especially when you are working with a vocalist--it relatively easy to do if you know that the progression goes from I to VI to II to V, or, in words, Tonic, Submediant, Supertonic, and Dominant---why so much fuss about learning seven little words?