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Posted By: Jeri
22-Nov-99 - 08:36 PM
Thread Name: Help: Singers and laryngitis
Subject: RE: Help: Singers and laryngitis
Try this: Threads on the Singing Voice. (I still have that table of interesting threads I haven't sent off yet.)

Ever since the FSGW Getaway, I haven't been able to get through one song without going hoarse. I took it easy on my voice for a while, got started on allergy meds (I'm not allergic to anything, but I have a histamine reaction to irritants, like dry air from heating systems) and got a humidifier in my bedroom. I finally seem to be improving. For those of you who've had the misfortune of hearing me sing on Mudcat Radio, I could hardly squeak when I recorded that song. (Well, that's my excuse :-)