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Posted By: BK
22-Nov-99 - 10:40 PM
Thread Name: Help: Singers and laryngitis
Subject: RE: Help: Singers and laryngitis
I seem to get this from time to time - mostly if I'm singing in front of people - & I'm exquisitely guilty of not practicing, as well.. As I've also said on some other thread, like many folks I've a couple tricks that can help me NOT SQUEEK & get through OK.

1] The original "fisherman's friend" lozenges - bloody strong, so I just chomp off an edge & keep it in a cheek.. taught to me by a grizzled old street singer - literally! don't hardly see many like that in USA any more.

2] the herbal teas w/SLIPPERY ELM as a main ingredient; Traditional Medicinals brand "Throat Coat" is the best I've tried. Make it a little strong; with a touch of honey and real, fresh-squeezed lime you have the main ingredient's in what I call the Buzzard's Frog Bane... it can really help (NOTHING makes me great, but this helps me be the best I can be.... for what it's worth...)

Cheers, BK (Who expects to use a lot of frog bane at a street festival coming up soon...)