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Posted By: AKS
23-Nov-99 - 01:54 AM
Thread Name: I give up. What's a HOGEYE?
Subject: Lyr Add: NAVVY BOOTS (from The Dubliners)
What can be agreed on here, is what these hogeye & navvy men were interested in. The Dubliners' (I think they've also recorded The Navigator mentioned earlier) version of The Navvy Boots adds 'the courtroom bit' to the story of the two in DT:

As recorded by The Dubliners on "Original Dubliners" (1993)

I am an old navvy and I work on the line,
And the last place I worked was Newcastle-on-Tyne.
I'll tell me misfortune. It happened in fun,
And it happened one night I'd me navvy boots on.

That night after supper I shaved off me beard.
To meet me fair Elaine I was well prepared.
To meet me fair Elaine I then hurried down,
And I met her that night with me navvy boots on.

I knocked on her window. My knock it was low.
I knocked on her window. My knock she did know.
She jumped out of bed saying, "is that you, John?"
"Oh, be cheerful! It's me with me navvy boots on."

She came to the door and invited me in,
Saying, "draw to the fire, love, and warm your skin."
Well the bedroom was open and the blankets rolled down,
So I jumped into bed with me navvy boots on.

Now all of that night how we sported and played,
Never thinking of time as it soon passed away.
Then she jumped out of bed crying, "What have I done?
Now the baby will be born with his navvy boots on!"

I chastised me loved one for talking so wild.
Are you foolish, young girl? You'll never have a child,
For all that I've done now 'twas only in fun."
But I run like hell with me navvy boots on.

And very soon after I was summoned to court
To pay for me sins just like any man ought.
I pay ten bob a week now for all of my fun
That I had that night with me navvy boots on.

greet's AKS