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Posted By: Jim Tailor
04-Feb-05 - 05:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: I am The Chair!
Subject: RE: BS: I am The Chair!
Y'know what I wish? Do you care? *smile*

I wish that this kind of post wasn't categorized as "BS". It is music -- it's based on a pretty okay sense of music trivia. Yeah, i't probably derivative (I bet most people my age have read Dave Barry's take) yet still idiosyncratic in its point of view (it's just as likely whoever "the Chair" is never read Barry).

Anyway, this kind of music-based (as opposed to "spatula-based") BS I find to be VERY entertaining (not that "spatula-based" humor isn't) and if I thought this kind of stuff would appear "above the line" I'd fix my preferences so that my mudcat wouldn't get "below the line".

Y'know, above the line is dryer than it needs to be. I love music based BS and humor and creative writing -- like that old chain story about a travelling guitar would be above the line BS but the chain story about being lost in the Himalayas (help me out here -- there was a chain story about that some time back wasn't there?) would be below the line BS.

just bitchin.