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08-Feb-05 - 08:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Well,well. Mid East Cease Fire
Subject: RE: BS: Well,well. Mid East Cease Fire
Israel has long been the US' cop for the region, and it is no secret that Sharon was Bush's boy. Also no coincidence that all the so-called "movement" on the peace process is occurring in the wake of the second Bush inauguration.

But the facts belie this "breakthrough" being a genuine breakthrough, because Hammas won the local elections by a landslide, and Hammas ain't backin' Abbas. The Palestinians voted for peace, just not the Palestinian Authority/Abbas version of peace.

This situation is reminiscent of when the more politically radical Sinn Fein started winning elections in the North, at the expense of the politically moderate SDLP. We're seeing the same dynamic here. The political power in the region is still in the hands of the US and Israel, and every Palestinian knows this, and knows they won't get anything close to a fair settlement from an appeasement regime like Abbas', just like the Northern Irish Republican community knew it would never get a fair settlement from an appeasement party like the SDLP.

Paletstinians sent a very clear message: we want peace, but we want a just, lasting peace, and that won't come without the hardline Palestinian negotiators from Hammas.