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Posted By: GUEST,Wolfgang
09-Feb-05 - 03:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Insecticides = autism
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
There are literally dozens of different potential causes for autism that have been mentioned within the last thirty years: lack of maternal care, mercury in the teeth, chloride in the water, insecticides, vaccination, latex condomes, lead in paint, birth control pill, sonograms during pregnancy,.... No environmental scare has been left unnamed except perhaps global warming.

To find a causal link beside the genetic one which is considered proven beyond doubt is extremely difficult. It will be hard work and will not include vote taking who believes what. Quoting selected data from one tiny part of the world at one moment in time as such is about as convincing as quoting a statistic from Australia to make a claim for the danger of banning guns.