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Posted By: Weasel Books
09-Feb-05 - 04:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Well,well. Mid East Cease Fire
Subject: RE: BS: Well,well. Mid East Cease Fire
Hamas bullies anyone who may resist them. So alright, they've set up all these infrastructures, etc., but don't forget it's backed up by the end of a gun. Hamas is evil. Yes, evil. There is no other word for an organization that whips up hatred and murders innocents.
When you've seen a bussful of people blown to bits in front of your face, then come talk to me about Hamas and supposedly ridiculous demands such as disarmament.
They have also said on more than one occasion that land for peace is not acceptable. In fact, nothing short of the complete obliteration of Israel.

Abbas is no peacemaker either, never mind the Hamas leadership or Baraguti.

And why is everyone so hung up on the peace PROCCESS anyway? It's as if we've lost the end among all the means.