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Posted By: sue exhull
09-Feb-05 - 04:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Insecticides = autism
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
Hi This is a interest very close to me, My daughter Katie was born with a Microphalmic eye (very tiny, malformed) with no sight in it. We were given no explanation as to why this had happened, but a couple of months later we were sent to London (moorfields eye hospital) we lived in Yorkshire at the time, because they were doing a study of all the kids born with this and a condition called Anopthalmia (no eyes at all), they were trying to find a link, whilst waiting for the appointment, there was a big story in the News of the world about it, blaming a pesticide(Benlate, I think its called) made by Dupont, a lot of the families had been exposed to this we ourselves had used this Benlate, tho they say this happened in the first few weeks of pregancy, I did go round a lot of garden centres in first few weeks of pregnancy, anyway on getting to Moorfields we were told it was probably not a chemical cause at all!! We then discoverd Katie also had a serious heart condition which required surgery, she had that at five and sailed thru it :), she is now 15 and has various problems, 3 years ago we found out she had Hydrocephalus probably from birth, we saw a genetic specialist last month who hasnt yet been able to say what Katies problem is, She is a lovely kid, happy and chatty, and it breaks my heart when she has to put up with stares,comments and ridicule because she looks 'different'I am not totally convinced this wasnt something to do with chemicals. I do know a American family sued Dupont and won, A british family are still fighting. Katie has quite severe learning difficulties and will always struggle. I do think it is a issue which should be examined closer to determine what does cause these problems, as there is a lot of kids with varying problems and no real explanation as to why!