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Posted By: Bill D
09-Feb-05 - 04:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Well,well. Mid East Cease Fire
Subject: RE: BS: Well,well. Mid East Cease Fire
the key to the whole matter is the Islamic clerics, who 'could' stop the Palestinian attacks tomorrow, if they cared to. It is hard to overstate the degree to which religion is ingrained in the culture, and added to the basic oppression the Palestinians feel at having no jobs, no country and no voice, it's not a big step to say, "sure, I'll die for a cause, especially when I am assured that I'll go straight to paradise, while sending a few of the enemy to Hell!"

Yes, Israel MUST offer something tangible for both the political leaders AND the religious leaders of the Palestinians to suggest no more rock throwing and bombing....the trouble is, Israel has its extremists who'd resent any decent offer to "those evil murderers".

The only sensible solutions would not be accepted by either side....'maybe' one side will back down on some not-so-sensible idea.