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Posted By: Jim Dixon
09-Feb-05 - 08:35 PM
Thread Name: Honky Tonk Drinking Songs
Subject: Lyr Add: SIX-PACK TO GO (Thompson, Lowe, Hart)
Mentioned by Armen Tanzerian and Frogmore up above.
Lyrics and chords below copied from

(Hank Thompson - Johnny Lowe - Dick Hart)
« © '59 Hall-Clement Publications »
 C                   F                  C
Hey, Mr. Bartender! Please don't be so slow.
C                A7                  D7          G
I've got time for one more round and a six-pack to go.
C                               F                C
Tomorrow morning is Sunday. I'm gonna be feeling low,
                  A7             D7   G       C   C7
So please, Mr. Bartender, I want a six-pack to go.

F                  f#dim          C               C7
I've been drinking all night long, painting up the town.
F                  f#dim                C      Ab7    G7
I've done spent my whole paycheck just a-honky-tonkin' round,
      C                                  F                   C
And I don't have enough to pay my rent. I ain't a-gonna worry, though,
                         A7                  D7   G       C
'Cause I've got time for one more round and a six-pack to go.