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Posted By: dianavan
10-Feb-05 - 12:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Insecticides = autism
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
It makes you wonder why California is 23%. Yes, there seems to be a 13% increase in autism in the last year but Calif. is especially high. Sometimes I wonder if its just because we have a new way of diagnosing what we used to call mental retardation. Now we have the new and improved, "autistic spectrum".

I do not mean to trivialize autism. I know the impact on families, teachers and social services (not to mention society in general). I do know that what is occurring, should be considered an epidemic and that the medical research needs to be funded and expanded immediately. I also know that new information is coming forth every day.

One thing that all research agrees on is that it is the brain circuits which have been damaged. What causes the damage is a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

It will take lots of money and years of research before the causative factors can be determined. At this point, you can point your finger at just about anything: flouride, insecticides, maternal allergies and/or asthma, diet, lack of breast milk, vaccines, mercury, etc.

The best thing a woman can do is avoid any or all of the above. I know that skipping a vaccine is a big decision but I would urge all parents to research how vaccines are grown before you put it in your child's body. If I were a pregnant woman, I would be very, very careful about what goes into your body, as well. Beware of that rosy, red apple (its probably covered with poison). A chocolate bar might be safer.