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Posted By: GUEST
10-Feb-05 - 08:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Well,well. Mid East Cease Fire
Subject: RE: BS: Well,well. Mid East Cease Fire
Look, I'm all for disarmament, but I doubt the Israelis are willing to give up their weapons, don't you?

It's a pretty good bet the Israelis aren't releasing any of Palestinian prisoners of war--they are releasing common criminals. That isn't the big carrot being dangled. The ability for Palestinians to return to work is.

Oh, restraint is what the IDF shows, is it? Like they showed in their massacres in the Shabra and Shatilla camps? Like the way they have levelled Gaza and parts of the West Bank with aerial bombardments? Like the way they drive Palestinians from their homes and bulldoze them? Forcing Palestinians by the thousands into permanent concentration camps?

That is restraint? If you don't understand why people are willing to die to fight that sort of repression, that hopelessness, then you don't understand much of anything.