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Posted By: GUEST,leeneia
10-Feb-05 - 12:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Insecticides = autism
Subject: RE: BS: Insecticides = autism
When something goes wrong, people want an explanation, and they want someone to blame. Before you go around breaking parents' hearts by telling them they caused their child's autism by using (insert name of unpopular product) you should have proof. You should prove that there was exposure, that the exposure caused genetic damage related to the austism, and that austism increases with the amount of the product in general use.

Re"The best thing a woman can do is avoid any or all of the above." Perhaps so. But what about men? A man contributes half of a child's chromosomes. Why aren't men supposed to worry about their sperm?

If autism is actually on the rise, it is time to think about the possible effects of these things, among others:

marijuana (a known breaker of chromosomes)
methamphetimine and its cute cousin, Ecstasy
tobocco products and their unknown additives
whatever other illegal drugs are being pushed upon our people

Meanwhile, the most common source of genetic damage is UV light. It's always been here.