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Posted By: Weasel Books
10-Feb-05 - 04:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Well,well. Mid East Cease Fire
Subject: RE: BS: Well,well. Mid East Cease Fire
Ebbie, those generals are clueless. What's going on in iraq has nothing to do with Palestine, and vice-versa.

I don't know as to how it would help peace, but I agree with the heritage sites. A few problems practical problems though. I do believe there are some sites that have small museums. A better idea is to help them put proper infrastructure into the villages. Goes for many in Israel proper, especially the Bedouin villages, whose neglect is mainly due to corruption, both in their local authorities and higher up.
Orange groves are Israeli, they cut down when they happen to be in the outskirts of places like Tel-Aviv and the Centre, which are expanding. Olive groves, which some of the Settlements were cutting down (because of the hostilities, not for settling in, because the Jewish settlers build on hilltops, Palestinians on slopes) ought never to be destroyed, because they do not grow again and it is indispensable for traditional life. Definitely agree with that.
Point C. has been asked for by Israel always. You have first-grade textbooks calling to massacre Jews and drive the Zionists into the sea. These are 7 year olds we are talking about.
Maps in Israel are published with the borders marked. The Gaza Strip and the Territories are marked, not the same as a state, but as seperate entities. If you want the Golan heights off maps, that can't be done, it's official (unlike the Territories).
The idea about the responders is impossible in practice. You need a stable situation, huge funds, trained personnel, headquarters, etc.