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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
11-Feb-05 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: Honky Tonk Drinking Songs
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: SHE'S ACTING SINGLE (Gary Stewart)
She's Acting Single -- Gary Stewart

G                   C                   G            D
I've seen the way men look at her when they think I don't see
G                   C                     A          D
I'd like to think it makes me proud but I'm only fooling me
G                      D       C             G
I know she'd be looking back the minute I'm not there
          C                      D            C             D    G
While she pours herself off some stranger, I'll pour myself a drink somewhere

          C                G
She's acting single I'm drinking doubles,
          C               G
I hide my pain I drown my troubles,
            C                      G
My heart is breaking like the tiny bubbles
            D       C          G
She's acting single, I'm drinkin doubles ..

G               C                G                  D
I know what she plans to do but I don't know where or when
G                   C          A                   D
If I ask who that stranger was she'd just say an old friend
G                  D       C               G
I'm not weak I tell myself I stay because I'm strong ..
C                   D             C             D       G
But truth is I'm not man enough to stop her from doing me wrong.


Roger in Baltimore