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Posted By: Jim Dixon
12-Feb-05 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: Honky Tonk Drinking Songs
Mentioned by Guest,Deda above:

Bruce Welch, John Rostill

In the corner of the bar, there stands a jukebox
With the best of country music, old and new.
You can hear your five selections for a quarter
And somebody else's songs when yours are through.

I got good Kentucky whiskey on the counter,
And my friends around to help me ease the pain,
'Til some button-pushing cowboy plays that love song
And here I am just missing you again.

CHORUS: Please, mister, please, don't play B-17.
It was our song; it was his song; but it's over.
Please, mister, please, if you know what I mean,
I don't ever wanna hear that song again.

If I had a dime for every time I held you—
Though you're far away, you've been so close to me—
I could swear I'd be the richest girl in Nashville,
Maybe even in the state of Tennessee.

But I guess I'd better get myself together,
'Cause when you left, you didn't leave too much behind,
Just a note that said "I'm sorry" by your picture,
And a song that's weighing heavy on my mind. CHORUS

[Recorded by Olivia Newton-John and a few others.]