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Thread Name: Index: Soldier Songbooks PermaThread
F. T. Nettleingham, 2nd Lt., R. F. C., 1917, "Tommy's Tunes."
"A comprehensive collection of soldiers' songs, marching melodies, rude rhymes, and popular parodies, composed, collected, and arranged on active service with the B. E. F."
Erskine MacDonald, Ltd., London, 96pp.

Music- sheet music included. Tunes are mentioned if music not given. Printed alphabetization of songs somewhat erratic.


Après la Guerre Music
At the Halt, on the Left, Form Platoon
Ally Sloper's Cavalree
The Birdman
Boys' Brigade
Battle of Waterloo
Coal Fatigue
Call the Roll!!! Music
Divisional Rest
D'ye Ken Jan Smuts?
Dying Aviator, The
Down in the Valley Music (Not the N. Am. songs)
"Excelsior" Up to Date
Esprit de Corps
Fred Karno's Army
Ginger is an Enemy of Mine Music
Gallant R. N. D.
Grasshopper, The
Greener Grows the Grass
Green Grass Grew All Round, The Music
Here We Are Again Music
Hoo Ha- Hoo Ha Ha! Music
I Don't Want to be a Soldier
I Want to be in Blighty
I Want to Go Home Music
I'm So Bad
If it's a German- Guns Up!
John Brown's Baby
Kitchener's Army
Little Bit of Fluff, The
La-La, La-La
Left! Left! Music
Looping the Loop Music
Mechanic's Moan
Mountains of Morne, The
Mechanic's Rosary
Man, the Dog, and the Meadow, The Music
Never Mind
Napoo- Fini!!
No Quarter
Ninety-nine Bottles on the Wall Music
Ode to Tickler
Our Little Wet Trench in the West
Old king Cole
Omer Drome
Our Essex Camp
Old Soldiers never Die
Onward, Queen Victorias!
Our Jam
Old Man's Hammer, The
Officers' Wives' Music
Ode to the R. A. F. (Engine) Music
Oh, Had I the Wings of an Avro!
Ohio (Old Macdougal) Music
Pilot's Psalm
Reason Why, The
Recruiting Parody No. 2
Rule, Britannia Music
Ragtime Army, The, R. F. C.
Ragtime Navy
Rosary, The - Hospital version
Ragtime Flying Corps, The Music
Ragtime Aircraft Builders
R. F. C. Recruiting Song No. 1
R. F. C. Recruiting Song No. 2
Ronnel McConnel Music
Skiboo Music
Sing Me to Sleep
Swanee River
She Was So Kind to Me   Music
Somme, The
Strafe on the Kaiser
Seaforth's Sob
This is the Flying Corps
Trench Parody, A
They Were so Happy, Oh, so Happy
When this Ruddy War Is Over Music
Why Did We Join the Army
We Are the Ragtime Army (Artists' O. T. C.)
We Are the Ragtime Army (Anzac version)
Wail of the New Armies, The
We Are the Royal Sappers
Who Killed Cock Robin?
When They Were Up, They Were Up
When This Ruddy War Is Over Music
We Are the Boys Who Make No Noise Music
Whiter than the Whitewash Music
Your King and Country Need You


Auld Lang Syne
Back Home in Tennessee
Beautiful Baby Doll
Bugle Call
British Grenadiers
Come, my Lad, and Be a Soldier
Church's One Foundation, The
Dying Lancer, The
Holy, Holy, Holy
Here's to the Maiden of Sweet Seventeen
Here, Here We Are, Here We Are Again
Here We Go Gathering Nuts and May
I Want to Be in Dixie
I'm in Love
I Want to Go Home
If it's a Lady- Thumbs Up!
I Want to be an Angel
John Peel
John Brown's Baby
Kind Words Can Never Die
Keep the Home Fires Burning
Little Grey Home in the West
La-la, La-la, Sing this Chorus to Me
Lowther Arcade, The
Married to a Mermaid
My Old Kentucky Home
Moonlight Bay
Marching through Georgia
Mountains of Morne
My Mother's Rosary
Never Mind
Old King Cole
Onward, Christian Soldiers
Oh, See Me Dance the Polka
Oh! You Beautiful Doll
Psalm, Twenty-third
Red, White and Blue
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Rule, Britannia
Rosary, The
Sing Me to Sleep
Sweet Genevieve
Swanee River
There is a Happy Land
Ten Little Nigger Boys
We Are but Little Children Weak
Who Killed Cock Robin?
Your King and Country Need You
Yankee Doodle

Introduction- includes Army vocabulary and argot in song, popularity "Annie Laurie" No. 1), superstitions (an airoplane is never referred to as such; it is the 'bus.'
Notes that some songs are too bawdy, or untranslatable; mentioned are "Miralto Me Re," "Kafoosalem, the Harlot of Jerualem," "B. Bill the Sailor."
A second edition was printed (not seen).