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Posted By: GUEST,Herr Doktor Liebenscheiss
14-Feb-05 - 11:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is positive sinking Titanic???
Subject: RE: BS: Is positive sinking Titanic???
Vell! Positif sinking iss actually a very goot vay to deal viss ze challenges uff life, und I recommend it. But could positif sinking effer be deemed "titanic" in nature??? Vell, possibly. Iff vun becomes unreasonably grandiose und optimistic beyond any bounds uff common sense, zen ze positif sinking could be termed titanic, und zat could lead to a very nasty fall, ja! Zat vould be vhat iss called hubris. Itt vould be as a challenge to ze gods, as it vere, und such pride goes before ze fall, as zay say. Zerefore, my advice iss to sink positifly at all times, but to keep it wizzin ze reasonable bounds, ja. Zen you von't find yourself viss a pickle up yer behind, iff you know vhat I mean....