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Posted By: GUEST,Misha
14-Feb-05 - 07:26 PM
Thread Name: Happy Saint Patrick's Day
Subject: To: Katrina Rasikari
For Katrina R.
by: Misha

I wrote you a
St. Patrick's Day Poem


Far away out of sight,
beyond the shadowy moonbeams
of the pale moonlight.

Far away from the sparkle in
your lovely eyes.
I will always remember You
and simply ask God why?

Why there was a Moondance,
and a Brand New Day.
Why you liked Chris Isaak,
and why You Sang To Me.

You once loved me,
now you are long gone.
A part of me has slipped away,
I couldn't be more alone.

Far away my ship is lost at sea.
An eternity remembering that
St. Patrick's Day,
forgotten though I be.
Remembering there was once
a place for Us,
a place of You and Me.

Never again to feel your presence
or your warm embrace.
Our eyes will never meet again.
Your kisses will not brighten my days.
Never again will I touch the soft
contour of your face.

Our fiery passion will never again
fill our nights.
Dreams of our future,
no longer in our sights.

My Sweet love,
I will always remember You,
even if you have chosen to forget me.
I will always remember Us as I
traverse this cruel and lonely sea.

Still I ask God why.
As tears still flood my weary eyes,
pain still ravages my broken heart.
I am still so in love with you.
Wishing our days of smiles, of love
and of passion hadn't ended in such
a sad 'goodbye'.

I Miss You !
Mina Rakastan Sinua+
Forever Me...