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15-Feb-05 - 09:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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Leotards aren't made, they're harvested. Vast leotardyards grace the undulating hills around Grace, Idaho and in the Spring the hills are vibrant with the colors of the blooms. As Spring passes into Summer and Summer into the harvest time, gradually the blooms lengthen until, in late August, it's like looking at waves of rainbows flowing like water.

The fully-developed leotards are gently removed by hand, using generations-old techniques that prevent any harm to the plant by the very young virgin boys and girls who do the actual harvesting.

After the leotard harvest the town celebrates with a Te Deum and the Annual Festival Of The Tards, where folk dancing and gentle merriment are the rule. Perhaps the most joyous event is the "Parading of the Tards," where bevies of nubile youth swarm through the streets waving leotards of various colors over their heads.