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Posted By: Layah
16-Feb-05 - 04:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I have created a theory of spontaneous chocolate generation! Haven't you ever wondered where chocolate comes from (before it gets to the store I mean)? Well now I know. It comes from white shirts. If I wear a white shirt, it is bound to get a chocolate stain on it, regardless of if I ate or got within ten feet of any chocolate! I now realize that I can no longer in good conscience wash my white shirts. Think of all the baby chocolates I'm killing. I'm hoping that if I leave my white shirts in a heap, maybe add in some peanuts or something as incentive, maybe I'll come out with chocolate bars. Never again do I have to buy chocolate. I just need to buy more white shirts (I avoid them because they always get chocolate stains).

I have heard that there is a similar process that happens with spagetti sauce, but I have not personally experienced this. If my white shirts start producing chocolate flavored spagetti sauce, or spagetti flavored chocolate I might be a bit disapointed.

I also have a theory about my name. It is so incredibly cool, that people just can't stand to look at it, and that's why they invariably mispronounce it. Most often it comes out Laylah (which more than a few people in this forum have called me), which I blame on some song with that name in it. So I should no longer be upset that people constantly mispell and mispronounce my name, because it is just proof of it's absolute coolness. Bow down before my name.