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Posted By: Alice
27-Nov-99 - 09:36 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Smile In Your Sleep / Hush, hush
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Hush, hush time to be sleeping
So, what I am reading is that there are variations of the tune when sung with these lullaby lyrics. It really threw me off when I heard it played by the fiddle player here, since I have known the Mist Covered Mountains (oro soon shall I see them) for a very long time, but this one sounded different. Lesley, your website was one of the first I looked through for the tune, along with Robinson's, but I wasn't using the titles people have called it in this list.

Mick, thanks for the Factor.

So, what is the most often used title for this song?
'Smile in Your Sleep', 'Don't Cry in Your Sleep', or 'Hush, Hush'.... or??

I'll have to ask the fiddle player again what recording he got this from.

-alice flynn