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Posted By: Bobert
17-Feb-05 - 07:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush Undermines Freedom of Press
Subject: RE: BS: Bush Undermines Freedom of Press
Yeah, Dougie, Amos may be preachin' to the choir but one thing is fir sure, when Bush and his crooks get around to messin with you, you won't be able to say you didn't have a clue.

This stuff is happening and I guess you figure that at yer age no one is ever gonna make you uncimfy and I hope they don't, 'der thay'll have to go thru me first. But that's not the point. You are supporting a guy who makes Slick Willie look like a Boy Scout, and that is hard to do.

Using shills in news conferences is dow right dishonest. Not only that, it demonstartes just how scared that yer guy is that a tought question might sneak in in just knowing that if one does then Bush can just provide a juvinile response and go onto his planted shill, Jeff.

Had Clinton been caught doing this you would have had Ken Starr spend another $50M of tax payers money investigating it...

I loves ya, Dougie, but you is one hypocriical person.