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Posted By: Rick Fielding
27-Nov-99 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: Ragtime Guitar
Subject: RE: Ragtime Guitar
Thanks guys. Actually the "string snappin'" and buzzy basses brings up a good point. Remember when you first heard Charlie Patton? You'll never forget him, right? Not because of any virtuoso licks, but because of his "style" (and whacking his guitar was sure a style). There have been many others who sounded like they might have been "doin'things wrong" but it worked for them. Bob Dylan played his J-45 with low action and incredibly dead strings on his first album, and if that wasn't exciting dynamics, timing and great "feel" I don't know what was. If he'd been using a D-28 with medium action, it just wouldn't have sounded the same, and who knows whether his career might have taken a (slightly) different direction.
Back to Grossman, I didn't appreciate a live tape where I heard him badgering the Reverend into playing the blues (while his wife was supposedly in the other room) but once again, the energy level to do all that he's done is probably fuelled by a pretty big ego and "belief in self".. I'm okay with the "attitude" when I look at what he's produced for my enjoyment.