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Posted By: Ferrara
19-Feb-05 - 08:46 PM
Thread Name: Loudest singers
Subject: RE: Loudest singers

A loud (or very strong, shall we say) voice is a terrific asset in shantey singing among other things. It took a strong voice to carry over the noise of the sea, the wind, and activities on board ship. I've read that ships' officers also often had voices that could be heard over a strong gale.

A lot of the people mentioned here sing shanties at least half the time.

It's also an asset in certain types of chorus singing, or noisy bars, various places. Or if you're performing out doors in a noisy venue such as some festivals, even with a mike.

And, you know, some songs don't need sensitivity. Vigor and the ability to keep it afloat, so to speak, are more important in giving life to the song.

My son goes to, and sometimes leads, pub sing and shantey sings with his best friend. It took me a while to realize WHY the singing seemed so much better with them leading. It's because they have fine strong voices that "carry" and support the choruses. (and keep them on tune, too....) Note they also have the good taste to sing softly when that's what's called for. Far as I know, Don Sineti (sp?) doesn't have a "soft" setting on his volume switch but most of the singers mentioned on this thread do tailor their volume to the song and the space.