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Posted By: JohnInKansas
22-Feb-05 - 03:29 PM
Thread Name: seeking online translator - Welsh / English
Subject: RE: Tech: On line translation - Welsh / English
No hope of being particularly helpful, but the question got me curious enough to look a bit.

My quick look found an "official looking" translator at BBC Lexicool. It appears to use the same "translator engine" as is found on a few other sites, but with more interface options with some additional links to other "possibly Welsh" information.

The apparently identical translator engine is also at:
InterTran (
which they say "can translate single words, phrases, sentences and entire web pages." The "free translator" page here has links to other translation info and services, some paid.

Apparently the same translator is at: Welsh English Lexicon. This page doesn't give much peripheral info, but indicates the "engine" is rather small - Gives statistics: Total entries: Welsh-English 24662; English-Welsh 18778 (including some phrases).

LINKS TO A NUMBER OF WEB TRANSLATOR SITES: A Google link to "Translate Welsh to English sent me to Euro OSHA which opens in Deutsch, but there's a button at the top to get it in English. The English page has links to a fairly large number of web translator sites, but I only saw one that mentioned Welsh. It might be a useful "general purpose" bookmark for when you run into "other languages" while surfing. (Apparently I let them give me a cookie, because the re-visit to check my link code opened in English.)

Almost thread drift: The Microsoft Office update site recently began offering me an "IRISH GRAMMAR AND SPELL CHECKER." I connect as a "US-English" user, so I can't say whether the same is available if you're an "English-western euro" version. (It may always have been in your version?) Options/updates are frequently "language specific." I haven't tried it out, since spiel chuckers you can't chick are dangerous (IMO).