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Posted By: Shula
07-Oct-97 - 05:22 PM
Thread Name: Songs about getting older?
Subject: RE: Songs about getting older?
Dear Peter,

We-e-ellllll now, sonny-boy, y've shore dun set th' woods t' fahre wi' thet'un 'bout gittin' RILLY O'D, s' seein's i' t'aint 's crowded 'roun 'bout t'ese hyar parts, Ah speks Ah'll jes' hatter put mah two sens in this'un, cuz jedgin' bah th' stuff wot's in t'other'un, whar y' puts it's needah yere no' dar!

Obliquely, at least: "My Father Always Promised Us" (That We Would Live In France). "Chanson Des Vieux Amants," mentioned in SAGRO, -- Um Hum! BTW, wonder if it could be old enough for La Piaf?


Emergent Crone, AKA Shula