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Posted By: GUEST,Rob
22-Feb-05 - 11:19 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Tattooed Lady
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Tattooed Lady
If I can remember it right, something like this

(strum on the ones)
C                F       C
Once I married a tattooed lady
       G                         C
It was on a cold cold grey winter day
    F                      C
and tattooed all around her body
      D                   G
was a map of the good ole usa
    F                            C
and every night before I'd go to sleep
    D                                 G
I'd lift the covers and take myself a peek

Well good God almighty *(spoken)

(sung with rythum)
            A          D          G             C
Down on her leg was arizona on her knee was tennessee
A                     D                  
tatooed on her back was good ole hacken sack
          G                     C
thats the place where I long to be
          A                      D
down on her (whistle) was west virgina
            G               E
and in them hills I love to roam
    A                               D
when I saw the moonlight on her mississippi
G                        C
I recognized my home sweet home