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Posted By: Jon W.
07-Oct-97 - 07:03 PM
Thread Name: Lullaby Land (songs posted here)
Subject: RE: Lullabye Land
Dear Ferrara, there is a format for sharing tunes via text files called ABC. Click Here to get to the ABC homepage. There is some downloadable software and some explanation there. I've only used it a little, but I think it will do the trick. Bert's attempt is more or less ABC. He sent me his tune in a private message, in which it was formatted better, and I was able to figure it out enough to enter it into Noteworthy Composer (a music notation shareware program) and listen to it, and also play it on tin whistle. Anyway, I think ABC notation could be used to transmit tunes in the forum by including it in the message. The recipient could select and copy it to Notepad or other ascii capable word processor and save it as ascii. Then the ABC software could read it and play it for you, also turn it into MIDI, etc.

I love your lyrics and would like to hear the tune.

PS. I've done the hard part of figuring out the tune for "Sleepy Peedie Laddie" and entering it into Noteworthy Composer. Now I need to output it in various formats and bring it from home to work where I can post it or e-mail it to interested parties. I'll try and remember to do that tonight if I have time.