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Posted By: Rick Fielding
29-Nov-99 - 12:57 AM
Thread Name: Know any autoharpy jokes?
Subject: RE: Know any autoharpy jokes?
Bill, when I first read that Bryan was dead against electronic tuners, I thought "good for you, but I'm too lazy. Besides I'd been tuning the damn thing by ear for 10 years and I felt I'd paid my dues". A few years later I played with him at a festival and watched him verrrry carefully tune 3 harps (consequently missing his dinner, and the pre-concert musicians bullshit sessions). Recently a friend saw him at a folk club and told me that he was carrying 7 harps! It's a wonder that boy don't die of starvation! Everytime I use my "Frankenharp" I say a little thanks to the Korg people.
Sorry I didn't drop in here earlier, but I thought it would just be re-cycled banjo and accordion jokes....cause the "chorded zither" is serious business!