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Posted By: GUEST
25-Feb-05 - 01:39 PM
Thread Name: Sigma Guitars
Subject: RE: sigma guitars

If Sterling Webb is still out there, can You help me with info on my Sigma. I is a dreadnough, all dark, I was told by the seller (bought it in the early 80s, in Gothenburg Sweden)that it was redwood and jacaranda. I imagine the top can be redwood. The guitar in total is a beauty.

The seller was a guy I used to meet windsurfing and he used to work for the Levin Company until they were shut down (by Martin)in the late 70s.

The guitar is marked on the Label in the Soundhole as follows:

"Sigma Guitars, Est.1970, CF Martin & Company, mod. FW 315 G, Manufactured in ....."

It seems allmost like the label is deliberately torn to hide the rest.

It has "Sigma Guitars Est.1970" in gold on the headstock and also "1.7.82" stamped there (a assume build date)

If You share mail adress with me I can send pictures.

The guitar has adjustible stable (which i donĀ“t are much for) but it plays and sounds great.

I am also intrested in if Sigmas were ever built in the Levin factory (the building were torn down 2 years ago)

Best regards.../Magnus Hultin (Levin/Goya obsessed)