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Posted By: HuwG
26-Feb-05 - 07:30 AM
Thread Name: Acceptable adjectives in folk songs
Subject: RE: Acceptable adjectives in folk songs
Captain (military) - "dashing", "fierce", "bold"
Captain (naval or merchant marine) - "storm-beaten", "weathered", "wise"

Steed - "trusty"
Steel - "trusty"

Was there a dyslexic or myopic Mr. Trad. Anon. who mixed these two up ? Although it has to be said that "trusty" as an adjective of quality applied to stabbing weapons beats "martensitic", "austenitic", "quenched / annealed" and especially "nitrided / face-hardened"

Squire - "dashing", "bold" (or occasionally "wicked" - thank you for that reminder, Angelina)

Blacksmith - "sturdy", "stout" or "true" (thank you again, Angelina)


By the way, for those still mystified by Greg's codex:

"flocculant" - promoting froth or bubbles
"auriferous" - gold-bearing (in Geology). I last used this term in my BSc (Hons) thesis.