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Posted By: Jim Tailor
26-Feb-05 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why do we need poverty?
Subject: RE: BS: Why do we need poverty?
Oh, come on. Is it going to be this way any time I dare to question the orthodoxy here? Even the interjection of humor fails to stave off the accusation of "talking down to".

What Don answered is exactly right -- there are economic and common sense considerations that make up Bee-dub's -- or anyone else's -- employee concerns.

I am not the one making the extreme assertions. Read the thread above my posts. Not one post pointing to such pragmatics (as Don brought up after my questions) -- only talk of evil capitalists. I dare to point out how those generalizations tend to take on a different flavor when personalized (like talking about your resident craftsman) and suddenly I'm talking down to you and using illogical arguements and...

Really. Why the accusations of unfair fighting and talking to you as I would to children? Is it really not evident that I have interjected humor? Was I not even self-effacing in my humor? What, as you read, was the balance of my declarative to my interrogative sentences? What would one have to do to disagree with you folks and not face this ad hominem? Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?