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Posted By: mg
27-Feb-05 - 11:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why do we need poverty?
Subject: RE: BS: Why do we need poverty?
I'm inclined to agree with Bill D. who I think mentioned that rich people see poor people more as a nuisance than part of the grand scheme they need to have to stay rich. There is poverty with appropriate land, and poverty without appropriate land. If you have the land, you can hopefully get a few goats, have a few apple and plum trees, I will send you all the blackberry shoots you could want, plant some potatoes, catch a few fish, and you could meet your needs if the weather cooperates. If you have too many people on too little land, you can't do that. I personally don't think we need poverty any more than we need cancer and I don't think industrialists sit around thinking of ways to perpetuate poverty, although I do think they will exploit labor if they must, but even then, do they hire the poorest of the poor? I doubt it. The way to trick the capitalists is to have fewer children, and I think things are moving in this direction. Also to have your own means of production, whatever that is, your goats and fish pond and dwarf fruit trees and windmills, all on your average suburban lot. I think capitalism needs to be checked when it exploits people or common resources such as air, fish, water...but it doesn't always do that..and it is nimble. Think about you want the people, no offense to anyone in this profession, at DMV figuring out how to grow your food, concoct your medicines etc??? mg