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Posted By: alanabit
28-Feb-05 - 02:36 AM
Thread Name: Acceptable adjectives in folk songs
Subject: RE: Acceptable adjectives in folk songs
I lived by the River Lhyner in Cornwall as a kid. I have seen it turn just about every colour you could imagine, because so many things can effect the light which falls on it and the lighting which surrounds it. It has different depths at different seasons. Different waste, sediment etc are carried down according to the season or weather. The weather/season also affects the tree and plant life on the banks of the river, which in turn affects the hue which is reflected. I have seen that river look blue, brown, red, yellow, clear, grey, silver on a sunny day (from the top of the Cadsonbury)- just about any colour (and a few more) that you could imagine a river to be.
Mind you, I don't think any of this affects the fact that there are only a few acceptable adjectives which can be applied to rivers in folk songs. "Soft", "fast", "slow" and "deep" are all allowed, I know. No others spring to mind at the moment though!