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Posted By: Bobert
28-Feb-05 - 09:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why do we need poverty?
Subject: RE: BS: Why do we need poverty?
Just another sidebar...

Malnutrition is not something that is a concern in Third World countries... The US has a major problem with malnutrition and if we look at the guns/heavy and butter/weak budget that the current administartion has put forth then malnutrition will explode in the Food-Capitol-of-the-World.

So what, one might ask?

I've countered the "Personal Responsibility" folks arguments many times here in Mudville by suggesting that I would have no problem with persona' responsibilty is the playing field was level... With that said, however, hungry kids don't learn very well. Might of fact, hungry pregnant women give birth to smalled babies. Nutrition and learning go hand in hand.

Not only does Bush's budget calls for deep cuts in the Food Sramp program but also housing for the poor. Hmmmmmm? What this is going to do is make housing less affordable for those folks at the bottom of the social-econimic scale. Well, just as seniors are now having to choses between food and medicine it will be thre poor who will be increasingly have to make tough decisions between food and housing.

Meanwhile, the (mostly) white and eductated angry middle class *men* wil continue their "personal responsibility" mantra as more and more (disporportionately) black kids go hungry and suffer from the many neagtive effects associated with malnutrition...

No level playing field here...