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Posted By: Alan of Australia
08-Oct-97 - 04:56 AM
Thread Name: Songs about getting older?
Subject: Lyr Add: GETTING OLDER (Alan Foster)
Here's another one:-

(Alan Foster)

My mid-life crisis is setting in
As I try to control my double chin
And iron out my wrinkled skin
And I know I'm getting older.

They told me life begins at fifty
The age when all is neat and nifty
But the look in their eye was sharp and shifty
And they know I'm getting older.

I can run as fast as I ever ran
And to chase young women is my plan
But they know I'm just a harmless old man
'Cause they see I'm getting older.

My memory keeps on getting worse
It's just another little curse
Now what was the subject of this verse?
I must be getting older.

When your hair falls out and your eyesight goes
And the only thing you've got that grows
Is your waistline so it hides your toes
You know you're getting older.

I'll end this rhyme before I ruin it
Before you all start misconstruin' it
But as long as I can keep on doin' it*
I don't mind getting older.

*i.e. getting older.