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Posted By: hesperis
28-Feb-05 - 01:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why do we need poverty?
Subject: RE: BS: Why do we need poverty?
Well, a lot of poor and pregnany women probably shouldn't be pregnant - if you can't support yourself, why are you bringing a child into the world that you'd have to support as well? There is the quite real opposition to supporting pregnant women in an absolute way, because a lot of women might get pregnant just to get on a program like that, especially if they have no other option to support themselves. Honestly, I probably would do so if I had no other way of supporting myself... which would not be good for myself, the kid, or society.

Now, the fact that welfare doesn't offer pregnant women even a tiny special allowance for the extra nutritional needs of that time, is pretty pathetic, and probably leads to a lot of malnourished newborns and new mothers. But poor people should not be *encouraged* to make babies, as that only perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

Any approach would have to be multi-pronged, to reach the true reasons for poverty. Childhood efforts help a bit, except for those who don't fit the criteria but are actually poor.

Poverty also has a different face in the cities than in rural areas. Rural poverty has land, and can do some work on that land for food. City poverty has city ordinances against owning most food animals and it is much more difficult to have a vegetable garden.

So probably the most effective way to reduce poverty would be to provide safe and cheap housing with gardening opportunities, educate about the costs of raising children so that less poor people have kids as a matter of course, then put programs in place to offer the poor cooperative ownership of some form of useful production, perhaps inside the cheap housing.