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Posted By: Laura
30-Nov-99 - 12:04 AM
Thread Name: Know any autoharpy jokes?
Subject: RE: Know any autoharpy jokes?
As the autoharp is a truely useless instrument, it is unlikely that specific jokes can be found about it. Therefore, the autoharpist will need to learn to adapt (and read). Any joke pertaining to an accordian will be easily adaptable to the autoharp. Just simply substitute the words "Autoharp" and "Accordian". Likewise, any jokes pertaining to the intelligence level of a particular type of musician (usually drummers, bassists and banjo players) will suffice by substituting the appropriate instrument in the appropriate spot. Other possiblities would be anything that relates to a particular instrument being out of tune (banjo, fiddle, mandolin work well here) would work.

When the autoharpist asks the audience for requests to play and they reply "From afar", etc...

No flames please- I make fun of autoharps only because my sis can play one and I can't get it figured out.