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Posted By: Willie-O
03-Mar-05 - 09:33 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Gunsmoke and Whisky (Archie Fisher)
Subject: Lyr Add: GUNSMOKE AND WHISKY (Archie Fisher)
Oh what the hell. I like this song a lot, and Archie doesn't sing it anymore. (I know because I asked him to once.) So for anyone that wants to resurrect a fine Archie song, more power to ya.

Gunsmoke and Whisky
Archie Fisher, lyrics and music MCPS

You were the wheelman, one early morning
Dreamweavers chasing fears from the dark.
I put my head down, you talked till sunrise
*Deep her in dark eyes, leaving her mark.
I walked in sunshine, you chose the shadows
I burned and blistered, you cooled me down
Tell me your troubles, Gunsmoke and Whisky,
Guitars and old cars, next time around.

You chose the mountains, I worked the cities
Both of us asking the same things in life
Back in the old days I tried the quick way
Now in the slow days, you feel the knife.
Think of the strangers that we've seen smiling
Think of the lovers that we've seen crying
Sing all the songs that we sang to each other
Old friend and brother for you and I.

You wandered your road, I ran in circles
We've walked together too short a way.
Tell me you're happy, Gunsmoke and Whisky,
And I'll be your wheelman, just for today.
Sing for the strangers that we've seen smiling
Sing for the lovers that we've seen crying
Sing all the songs that we sang for each other
Old friend and brother, before we die
Old friend and brother, for you and I.

*The phrase in bold makes no sense but that's how it reads on the lyric sheet. I don't have a turntable set up so I can't listen to it.

The album, at least the one I have this song on, is "Sunsets I've Galloped Into". Not sure about availability, it was recorded in Canada and distributed here by Valerie Rogers (Stan and Garnet's mum).