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Posted By: catspaw49
08-Mar-05 - 06:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: From Cornbread to Stew recipes
Subject: RE: BS: From Cornbread to Stew recipes
Last Sunday we had our annual "Critter Dinner" and since the squirrels are rarely eaten by anyone except Wayne and myself, I thought perhaps a stew would be interesting. I thought long and hard about the natural flavor of squirrel and then tried to do some things that might make it more appealing to others. This plan was so successful that I couldn't believe it. Even my son Michael had TWO bowls!!!!

Three squirrels were crockpotted overnite in garlic seasoned water and they cmae off the bones so beautifully!!!! Plus we had about a third more meat doing this than you could normally gnaw off after roasting or frying. I used Alaska Gold potatoes for the special flavor they have. I also used an equal number of parsnips to carrots to add in some natural sweetness. One medium onion and three stalks of celery along with one can of corn completed the stew except for the dumplings added towards the end. The entire mixture cooked down together for several hours and I added a few seasonings during that time. A bit of rosemary, a wee bit of sage and a few shots of soy sauce and Tabasco gave me about the right flavor. After cooking down I added dumplings and the ste was a HIT!!! All of the non-squirrel eaters ate the living daylights out of it and I wish I had made more.

A word about dumplings.........Everyone has a favorite recipe and I have a few myself, but for the past ten years or so I have used the one I got from Justin Wilson on his Cajun Cookin' TV show. They are heavy, but everyone loves them and they are dead simple. Two ingredients........Flour and Sour Cream.....Mix to a dough consistency. That's it! Add a bit of salt or pepper or parsley or wahtever you like, but they're fine with just the sour cream and flour!