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Posted By: GUEST,S Walker (Dundee, Scotland)
09-Mar-05 - 05:50 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Rares Hill / Reres Hill / Rare's Hill
Subject: RE: LYRC ADD and ?? - Back of Rare's Hill
Just saw the posting and had to chip in. This song is called "The Back o' Reres Hill" (pronounced REAR-ES) and refers to a hill to the east of Dundee, near Broughty Ferry.
Some of the words given here are nonsense. Please find the corrections below:
V1 "All to my sad misfortune for it proved my overthrow"
V2 "We wandered east, we wandered west, we wandered roond the Law"
V2 "He said he'd tak me hame that nicht, but hame I never saw"
V2`" He stuck beside me a' the time, resolved tae hae his will"
V3 "But the nicht is warm and in ma pooch I hae anither gill"
V3 "So let us lay doon here content"
V4 "We hid anither nip apiece tae quieten oor alarms"
V4 " ..drank his health and store o wealth"
V5 "For while I hae the breath o life, fae you I'll never turn"

Obviously there are variations to the song but this is how I have always sung it and heard it sung by other Dundonians!

Happy Singin'