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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
10-Mar-05 - 05:53 PM
Thread Name: Review: James Keelaghan in the UK
Subject: RE: Review: James Keelaghan in the UK
"Can you tell me anything about the fiddler, Jane Clark"

What do ya wanna know? She's the CUTEST little fiddle player I've ever seen.... when they played Windsor Ontario last, my wife gave me permission to propose to Jane, so we could keep her in Canada.... Unfortunaly, Jane has beeter taste or something... She was, if I recall correctly, originally a late-in-the-game replacement fiddler for Oliver Schroer, who was unable to play the tour... No offence to Ollie at all, but I'm glad we got to see/hear her!

"Hugh McMillan."
One time member of one of the BEST Canadian Bands ever, Spirit Of The West, Hugh is like a force of nature... He plays Bass and mando, like NO ONE I've ever seen before... It's worth the price of admission just to watch him FINGERPICK his mano!

Then there's that goofy dude in the middle... I donno who he is... I think Jane and Hugh let him carry the gear or something...