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Posted By: vicki graham
09-Oct-97 - 12:40 AM
Thread Name: Lullaby Land (songs posted here)
Subject: RE: Lullabye Land
Does anyone know where I can find this lullaby? I thought it was the most beautiful lullaby I had ever heard as a child. I'm not sure of some of the words but it goes something like this: Oh, my baby, my curly-headed baby, Your daddy's in the cotton field a workin' all the day (repeat) for his PAY Do you want the moon to play with? Or the stars to run away with? They'll come if you don't cry. So a lulla, lulla, lulla , lulla, bye now In your mammy's arms a layin And soon you'll be a sleepin' So a lulla, lulla, lulla, lulla, bye.