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Posted By: GUEST,
14-Mar-05 - 12:05 PM
Thread Name: Nail Discussion!
Hi Folks. I decided to open this thread after a discussion I had with my wife this weekend.I´m a guitar player for more than 30 years,and have been a fingerpicker for over 26 years.As my nails started to break easily, I had problems in keep on playing so I went to a manicure and put acrilic nails and used a silicon substance in my right hand,which I use ´till today(in the last 5 years).It never bothered me and, sometimes a few patients(I´m a doctor) ask me about my nails, but nothing really important.Then my wife told me she was worried ´cause she heard that some "friends" of her had thought that I was gay for having longer nails in one of my hands.I´m heterosexual and don´t have anything against gays, but for god´s sake, how people can be stupid and have prejudice without even knowing what´s going on.
Shall we ,fingerpickers , be treated like freaks??
Something to think about!