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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
01-Dec-99 - 09:11 PM
Thread Name: Fingerpicks???
Subject: RE: Fingerpicks???

I am a compulsive nail biter. A few times I stopped long enough to have nails for fingerpicking and it sure was fun.

I have tried lots of picks, including the Alaska ones. The ones I have fallen for big time are Finger-Tone fingerstyle guitar picks by ProPik.

They are metal and look like a strange cousin of the old dobro picks. The part that wraps around your finger is split into two which gives you better shaping and firmer grip. The finger tip parts have a large hole in the center, leaving just a thin edge all the way around. This way, your fingertip pushes through and you get some direct finger contact with the string.

Many music stores carry them (if they cater to guitar players), some don't.

You can contact Guptill Music, P.O. Box 521, Orange, CA, USA 92856 or call 714-556-8013, or FAX 714-556-8203, or e-mail,

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Roger in Baltimore