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Posted By: Bernard
14-Mar-05 - 08:08 PM
Thread Name: Gtr: Are strings >10 bad for you?
Subject: RE: Gtr: Are strings >10 bad for you?
Some people will always speak before they've activated their brains... sweeping generalisations seem to be the stock in trade for salespeople... or is that a sweeping generalisation...?!! Hah!

I, too, am staggered to hear of an Eko folding - usually it's the player that folds under all that weight! My old Ranger 12, circa 1970, is fine - except that I had to have the back replaced after a motorcycling accident... awww, don't ask!! ;o)

On second thoughts... one reason why an Eko bridge could fold - if the string ball-ends aren't correctly fitted. The bridge pin doesn't hold the string in the bridge, it only is supposed to deflect the ball-end over so that it pulls against the underside of the belly. When I'm fitting strings I always push the pin in, then check that the string is still able to move freely with the pin in place.

I've often seen people jam the pins in with bits of paper - my bridge pins will usually pull out with my bare fingers (with the string at concert pitch!), and I've never had tuning problems.

Ask any guitar salesman... then again, perhaps not!!